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Zoom - Academy for Superheroes
The bright colors and simple stories of classic superhero comics are the template for Zoom--none of that moody, bleak X-Men nonsense here. Retired superhero Captain Zoom (Tim Allen, The Shaggy Dog) gets pulled out of mothballs when the government decides to assemble a new team of super-powered kids. The motley quartet includes a herculean little girl (Ryan Newman), an invisible slacker (Michael Cassidy, The O.C. ), a telekinetic hot chick (Kate Mara, 24), and a chunky lad whose body inflates to enormous size (Spencer Breslin, The Cat in the Hat, The Kid). But Zoom has lost his super-speed and gained a cynical chip on his shoulder; will he regain his faith in heroes in time to battle an impending menace? There's nothing original about Zoom, but the engaging cast--which also includes Courteney Cox (Friends), Kevin Zegers (Transamerica), and Rip Torn (Men in Black, Forty Shades of Blue)--could have given some pep to a competent formulaic script. Unfortunately, they were saddled with this one. But the saddest aspect of Zoom is the sight of Chevy Chase (Foul Play, Fletch) trying to muster a scrap of his lost talent. --Bret Fetzer Stills from Zoom (click for larger image) Beyond Zoom at The Book, Amazing Adventures From Zoom's Academy Superheroes on DVD Other Family Films Adapted from Books
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