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Zoey 101 - Spring Break Up
A spring break promising fun and sun turns competitive when Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) and her friends find themselves pitted against one another in Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up. When Logan's dad, a big television producer, invites Zoey, Lola, Nicole, Quinn, Logan, Chase, Michael and Dustin to spend spring break at his fancy summer home in Santa Barbara, the gang is ecstatic. What they don't know is that they are actually a test group for a new television reality show called "Gender Defenders" in which boys compete against girls to prove who is superior mentally, physically, and creatively. The initially good-natured competition turns ugly thanks to a misunderstanding and Zoey and Chase's (Sean Flynn) friendship is seriously jeopardized in the process. Full of action, teen angst and emotion, and accompanied by popular music, Zoey 101 will not disappoint audiences ages 8 to 14. DVD extras include two bonus episodes, "Quinn's Date" and "Little Beach Party," as well as bloopers, a behind the scenes look at Jamie Lynn Spears and Sean Flynn, a set tour, and a look through the "Zoey Cam." --Tami Horiuchi
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